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When your computer breaks, you want an expert to fix it NOW.  You want someone who understands the difference between the power supply and the power cord!  At DataTamer, we have been working on computers since 1979.  We "cut our teeth" on the original Apple computer and have grown along the way with the various PC clones.  In fact, we can even put a "custom" computer together for you, although we don't recommend it as today's computers are very well built.  In addition, we want you to have a warranty with a major manufacturer.


Understanding your need for speed and getting your computer operational as quickly as possible, we will always try and repair your computer on site.  We don't sell hardware, so there is no need for you to worry that we will give you a "hard sell" to purchase a new piece of equipment.  If we think it is not economical to repair, we will tell you. After you have purchased the equipment, our service department will configure it for you, installing the latest software and patches.


If your computer is giving you problems, it is time to call DataTamer at 310-788-3480.

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