“Nearly three out of five personal computer users have lost an electronic file they thought they had stored sufficiently"

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According to the Wharton School of Business, "approximately 10% of small companies go out of business specifically because they are not protected against data loss.  That number jumps to 50% when the data is lost for more than 10 days."

The FBI reports that computer theft is second only to auto theft.  Safeware, a national insurer of computers, reported that they had 620,000 claims filed for hardware theft in 2002.

OnTrack Data Recovery states that over 50 percent of all data loss situations are NOT caused by hardware malfunction but are caused by a software failure such as deleted or corrupt files, unbootable computer, virus attacks, user error, deleted or missing partitions, software malfunction, or other events.

A backup of your data is critical to the preservation of your business.  It is also imperative that this backup be stored off-site daily.  In the event of a fire, flood or other disaster a backup that was left on site could be useless due to smoke or water damage. In the past, it was very difficult for the small business to purchase a service which would provide this service automatically.  DataTamer changes all that by giving every business owner a service that was only available to the Fortune 100 a few short years ago.

With DataTamer there are NO

     Tapes, CD's or other backup materials to purchase
     Damaged or unreadable backup materials
     Software to purchase
     Delays in restoring your files
     Access to your data by anyone else, including our staff.
        Your files are encrypted to Department of Defense standards
         before the data leaves your office!
 No hassles!!!!


Off-Site Protection Against On-Site Disasters


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