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DataTamer is a Microsoft Certified Partner

Who says a computer is easy to use.  At DataTamer we understand how difficult it can be to learn how to use the new programs and equipment as they come out.  DataTamer specializes in training that is customized to your needs--not a generic class.  Our motto is simple "Using Technology To Work Smarter" and that is precisely the kind of training we provide!


Working smarter means you shouldn't have to leave your office to learn the new program.  We will come to you so that you don't waste valuable time fighting traffic.


The staff at DataTamer has provided customized training to both executives at large corporations as well as individuals.  Some of the companies that have been trained by DataTamer's award winning staff includes:  AAA, ARCO, Dewey Ballantine, Mitsubishi, Levine Communications Office, Oakwood Worldwide and many others.


Many individuals see the computer as a "smart typewriter".  We teach you how to break out of that rut and use the programs and equipment you have purchased more effectively!

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