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Choosing a consultant is a difficult task.  You are trusting that individual with your business.  With the press of the wrong key, you could lose all of your precious data.  Not only that, but the wrong advice could cost you thousands of dollars in new equipment and programs--some of which you might not even need!


Here are some things to look for in a consultant.


Does your consultant listen? At DataTamer, we speak English--not "geek".  Before we try and do anything we will sit down with you and determine what are your needs and desires.  Then we try to find a realistic "match" to those needs and desires.
Does your consultant sell hardware/software? At DataTamer, we do not believe in selling you any product.  We are your agent.  We represent you.  Our duty is to you, the client rather than "making a sale".
How long has the consultant been in business? DataTamer has been servicing individuals and businesses since 1981.
What is the largest installation you have been responsible for? The largest installation we have been responsible for is 1,700 computers spanning the globe in the United States, Canada, Asia, and the UK.
What is your "privacy policy"? Whatever we discuss stays in the room.  We work with many attorneys and doctors.  We understand what confidentiality is all about.  If you desire, we will sign a confidentiality agreement.
What is your consultant's business experience? At DataTamer, we understand what it takes to meet a payroll every week.  In addition, we have had budget level responsibility for over 2 million dollars annually.
How large is your smallest client? DataTamer works with individuals and firms that range from 1 user to about 25 users.  Think of DataTamer as your Virtual IT Department!
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